Nokia TVs to be shipped across EU countries soon

StreamView is an Austrian company that made possible the comeback of the Nokia brand on TVs in Europe exclusively. They are also shipping the Nokia StreamBox 8000, or the Android TV box, which can prolong the usability of your old LCD TV. This deal is also exclusive to the EU countries. Anyways, Nokia TVs and Streambox can be found in some stores or bought online since December 1st, but StreamView is not shipping to some European countries. After reaching them about this issue, StreamView gave a clear answer to all that are willing to get a new Nokia TV for their home or office.

StreamView limited the size and the territories due to logistics reasons on the TV product portfolio. So far, the Nokia TV sets in sizes from 32” to 50” are available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden), Poland, and Czechia (or the former Czech republic).
However, StreamView will soon start shipping Nokia TVs over their partner Amazon which will be covering most of the European countries currently missing from the list. Also, they will be shipping all TV sizes, from 32” to 75” Nokia TV.

In case you still do not want to send your old TV to the deserved retirement, you will be happy to hear that the Nokia Streaming Box is available in the whole of Europe. It is not shipping only in the UK and Ireland because the product does not have a UK electrical plug.