StreamView launches Nokia Game Controller 5000

StreamView, an Austrian company that licenses the Nokia brand for TVs and TV accessories, announced the Nokia Game Controller 5000 at MWC2023. The game controller is now listed on the official website and online store, but unfortunately isn’t yet available for purchase. Once available, it’ll cost €49.90 according to earlier leaks, and the good thing is that shipping is free within the EU.

Although I thought this controller could possibly be used for gaming consoles or platforms (Playstation or Xbox), it probably won’t be compatible with them. StreamView targets Android mobile games that you can play on Android TVs, Android streaming devices, and Android phones. That’s a good thing, too, because it gives you more control over some games you normally play on consoles that are also available on cell phones (e.g. COD ).


The Nokia Game Controller 5000 has a Google Assistant button built in that makes it easier to search for the games you want to play. It has two built-in motors for more realistic vibration feedback, as well as a six-axis gyroscope that should make control more intuitive and direction changes faster. The geometry of the controller looks ergonomic, perhaps better than many other controllers on the market. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, which should allow up to 14 hours of non-stop gaming in two hours of charging.

  • SUPPORTED PLATFORMS: Android TV | Android Streaming Devices | Android Smartphones
  • FEATURES: Bluetooth 5.0 | Rechargeable battery | USB-C Port | 6-axis Gyroscope | Vibration Feeback | Hey Google Button and microphone
  • ELECTRICAL PARAMETERS: Battery capacity 650 mAh | 2h charging time | 14h operating time | 10m operating distance
  • GENERAL DATA: dimensions 163 x 64 x 104 mm | weight 0,348 kg

Included in the packaging are Game Controller, USB Adapter and a USB charging cable.

For more details check the StreamView website. Is anyone interested in getting one of these? Looks interesting. I might get one to see if my BrawlStars sessions will improve, haha.


Thanks DBS for the tip 😉