Android 13 available for Nokia 5.3 (but unofficially)

As the title suggests, Android 13 is available for Nokia 5.3 but hold your horses if you are not a hacker. But let’s start from the very beginning. After being successful in unlocking the bootloader of Nokia 5.3, Hikari Calyx managed to squeeze Android 13 into Nokia 5.3. Although I will never encourage you to try this, if you still want to proceed you should check Hikari’s Github site and follow the steps he listed. If you manage to do it, you should see a home screen with the Juho Sarvikas meme on it (head photo).

Here is the video Hikari did demonstrating how well Android 13 works on 5.3.


If you do manage to get to the same level as Hikari, share the screenshot at least.