Rumor: Nokia 9.3 postponed for 2021

Nokia Mobile is an expert in low and midrange phones, but it just doesn’t have luck with the most expensive flagship phones. Nokia Anew just reported that the Nokia 9.3, or the best that Nokia Mobile can offer, just got canceled. The announcement of the new Nokia 9 was expected at the end of the year but 2020 showed its unpredictable nature once again. According to the Nokia Anew, Nokia 9.3 announcement is now being is postponed for the first half of 2021. The exact date is not yet determined, but my best guess for the announcement of the Nokia 9.3 would be MWC2021, which is scheduled for June 2021, if everything goes as planned.

Anyway, this news is kind of expected since COVID-19 pandemics affected the announcement plans that Nokia Mobile had, but they are really not being lucky with the 9 series. This is the third time they are postponing the announcement of the Nokia 9. The first time was when Nokia 8 Sirocco was announced, which many thought it was the Nokia 9. Then, Nokia 9 PureView got postponed due to camera issues and came at MWC2019 with an old processor and not so well performing camera tech. The 9 PV successor was canceled after exited the smartphone business, which left Nokia Mobile to find another camera approach for its ultimate model. This means that multiple camera sensors need to become one powerful main camera, but probably the big question is how to fill the rest of the camera module and what new technologies to use so the new Nokia 9 could be distinguishable from the rest flagships.

This postponement will give yet again a lot of time for Nokia Mobile to maybe revising the new Nokia 9 and do the necessary changes and tests so it can shine in 2021.


Nokia Anew