Nokia Mobile’s funny gif about Microsoft maybe revealed list of speakers for MWC2018 conference

Nokia Mobile published a funny gif on its Twitter account representing Valentines conversation between Nokia and Android OS. Well, Nokia had some long relationships with various platforms. Some were long lasting and happy, some were short and less happy, but common to all that they ended intensively, especially the one with Symbian. Nokia still remembers that wild and dynamic relationship with Microsoft’s Windows Phone and that is why the conversation with Android funnily started with Microsoft which was deleted in seconds ?.

Someone in HMD remembers and has a sense of humor. Nokia moved on, found herself a better partner and for now things are going great. Nokia 8 is one of the first to have the official 8.1 update, Nokia 6 and 5 are rare examples of lower midrange phone with Android 8.0 and more new phones with the latest Android are coming. Another thing that comes regularly are the monthly security patches from Google, which makes Nokia phones more secure than others.

I am not a fan of gloating, and the guy that will say that WP was utter crap, since WP8.1 was a promising OS. But, the smart move would have been to just make phones for all the major platforms and the one that succeeds would take the girl. Nokia’s hardware was the best at the time and was a pity that the software couldn’t follow it.

Anyway, the atmosphere is getting hotter and hotter with every day closer to the MWC2018. Maybe this GIF showed us who will be the speakers at the MWC stage… We can potentially expect Florian Seiche, Juho Sarvikas, Jamie Rosenberg from Google and someone from ZEISS could easily climb up on stage. This list of speakers makes it all even more interesting, ZEISS name in particular….


I don’t know why, but this Hey Micro…, Hey Android reminded me of a great Chemical Brothers’ hit 🙂