Unboxing of Nokia 8 V 5G UW

Nokia Mobile just recently announced its second 5G phone, Nokia 8 V 5G UW. This phone is actually the Nokia 8.3 5G but an exclusive for the US carrier Verizon. The difference between the two is not so big. 8 V 5G UW brings the support for the MMWave 5G network that Verizon has, and Nokia 8.3 5G isn’t supporting mmWave. Also, Nokia 8 V has a programmable assistant button, and supports micro SD cards up to 1TB.

Anyways, Nokia Mobile also announced its better presence in the US market, and that can be seen with the first unboxing of Nokia 8 V being done just days after the launch. Myriam Joire did the unboxing, which is quite interesting since there is also an unboxing of a cool looking demo box that nicely presents all the important features of Nokia 8 V. This kind of presentation of a phone is nice, like a disassembly video but with components already disassembled. A few parts of the device like the aluminum frame, display, cameras, are encapsulated in the plexiglass sheets that also contain a textual explanation of the part or component engraved below it.

Do check out the unboxing below. (the video is removed, but hopefully the another will surface)

So, if you are interested in this phone, you can buy it soon in Verizon stores and webshop for $699. You can check the basic specs at the photo below (click on the photo)

Thanks Nitin for the tip and the link 🙂