Nokia mobile announcing Nokia 8.3 5G for the US market on November 9

Nokia Mobile is still trying to properly enter the US market even though you could get your hands on a Nokia smartphone over BestBuy or B&H. For the past two years, the strategy has changed a bit, and Nokia Mobile announced several affordable and midrange smartphones exclusively for specific carriers. We had a chance of seeing a Nokia 2 V, Nokia 3 V, or Nokia C5 Endi, C2 Tava, and C2 Tennen for Cricket.
Anyway, Nokia Mobile is going to be launching its latest top midrange phone Nokia 8.3 5G, by using the same tactics as for the others. Nokia 8.3 5G UW will be coming to the US on November 9, exclusively on Verizon. Unlike the rest of the world, all interested folks in the US will be getting a black version of the phone instead of beautiful cyan, or officially, Polar Night, that also has a special light-reflecting effect that mimics Northern lights.

There is going to be an online event that you can follow over Youtube or here if you like, and then we’ll probably find punt the price and the availability.

In case you are interested in Nokia 8.3 5G, check out our review of the device and a short video review.


Cheers Rocky for the tip 😉