Nokia 2660 Flip available now in the UK for £64.99

The Nokia 2660 Flip is the latest foldable cell phone from Nokia, now available in the UK at a low price of £64.99. Nokia Mobile is targeting the older population with the Nokia 2660 Flip, as the phone features a larger keypad, large control keys and an enlarged interface. There is also hearing aid compatibility (HAC), which is great for seniors in our families. What I like most about this phone is the large 1450 mAh battery, which should power the phone for days on a single charge. Nokia Mobile has also included a power-saving RTOS (Real Time Operating System) that provides hours of talk time and weeks of standby time – ideal for my mother-in-law, who often forgets that battery-powered devices need charging.

Flip phones make it easier to make calls, and when the phone is flipped open, the ergonomics of a flip phone puts the microphone and earpiece where they should be. Another point that will please the elderly and their worried offspring is the additional emergency call button, which allows you to quickly contact your loved ones in case something unexpected happens.

Charging the phone is made much easier by the sturdy Nokia charging cradle, which is available separately for €19.99.

The Nokia 2660 Flip is available in the UK from today in blue, black and red at a price of €64.99, while the Nokia charging cradle will be available in the UK from the end of August for €19.99.


Check out the hardware specs: