Nokia E3500 soon to be available in Europe over Amazon

Nokia might have exited the smartphone business 7 years ago, but the company is still present there through the brand licensing business. After the revival of phone business, and TV comeback, Nokia was also interesting in bringing back its name to audio accessories like Bluetooth earbuds and headsets. Since accessories can help widen the brand ecosystem and thus the impact of the brand to the market, Nokia licensed its brand to Chinese company RichGo which created three seemingly good audio products but for Chinese market only. After the announcement, many Nokia fans expressed their interest in these audio accessories, so Nokia manage to organize the sales of audio accessories outside China. The first market to see the E1200 headphones and E3500 ANC BT earbuds is going to be Russia. But, the earbuds E3500 are also coming to where you’ll be able to pick them us for €89. The earbuds should be also coming to Finland and Denmark too.

Nokia E3500 are one of the affordable active noise cancellation earbuds at the market. The earbuds are also coming wit IPX54 certificate which guarantees a basic waterproofness. E3500 earbuds will let you listen music and answer calls for 7 hours on a single charge, and let you enjoy 25 hours of audio time wit the charging case.

In case you are interested in these earbuds, do check Amazon. We can expect them on November 13, which is coincidentally the same date when AC/DC will be releasing its latest album Power Up. It will be nice to hear how the old guys sound on new Nokia E3500.

Source Notebookcheck / NPU