Nokia shows how drones and 5G will help monitor our environment

Nokia joined forces with Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE, Telia operator, and two more companies Nordkapp and Vaisala on a quest to preserve the Baltic sea for future generations. The idea was to improve a monitoring system of the Baltic that Finland already has up and running, and they did it. So, together with the measurements that are taken by satellites, local Ferries and measuring stations, an automatic drone will be flying over the Baltic and record an HD video of the surface in search for blue-green algae at the Baltic Sea whose blooms can be potentially harmful.

The recorded video will be transferred in real-time to the computer (computer vision) center over 5G network that Telia is providing, and some next-gen visualization software will did the magic. The usage of this environmental video monitoring system called Eagle Eyes is vast and can be used around the world, for example, to track the plastic waste in the ocean or just simply learn more about our environment.

Nokia published a nice video that demonstrates nicely how the whole thing is functioning.

Man, the only thing better than Nokia WiFi is Nokia drones! I think there is a place also for Nokia drone department next to the Nokia WiFi. Maybe it is time to make Nokia Technologies more active again.