#Nokia #OZO ready for #China; sales better than anticipated

Nokia Ozo cool

Nokia proudly announced the ‘Next Step’ in its VR Evolution – bringing OZO to the most perspective VR market on the planet, with a lower price point. Nokia partnered with LeVR to start selling the first professional VR camera in China. As OZO head of presence capture Guido Voltolina said:”Sales have been better than anticipated. Now that Ozo production has scaled up, it can afford to make the cuts permanent — and expand into China.”

Following OZO’s tremendous success in the U.S. and Europe, we are now expanding our footprint by launching in China which has both pent up demand and high interest in the technologies that enable VR. Starting this September, OZO will be available to order through Nokia reseller partners in China, with shipments expected in October.

The Chinese sales are expected to start in September (shipments in October), with a global price of $45.000/€40.000 – about 25% lower than the initial price.

via: TheVerge


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