Is there a chance for a Nokia smartwatch/band?

A few years ago, many reviewers thought that smartwatches or fitness oriented watches and bands are going to be useless as tablets and that the bad sales will eventually kill that product. Well, thanks to Apple, Xiaomi, and Huawei, that didn’t happen, and many manufacturers now are making rather good watches, which are a part of their accessories ecosystem. Nokia was briefly the maker of the smartwatches, thanks to the purchase of Withings and the creation of Nokia Health, but that story didn’t last long. Microsoft also tried to continue some old Nokia watch (Moonraker render below), but we all know what happened there. All my hopes to see a Nokia watch now lies in Nokia Mobile. Not so long ago, Nokia Anew shared some internal info that Nokia mobile was developing and testing a Nokia smartwatch or band, but, unfortunately, that project has been abandoned or delayed.
I don’t know what kind of watch Nokia mobile was developing, but I know what type I would like to see, or could be profitable.

I just picked up a Huawei Watch Fit for a review at our Croatian partner site, and I must say that this wearable is a nice entry smartwatch or fitness orientated watch. It has a squarish case design, slightly curved, which makes it more a band than a watch, but there is a beautiful, sharp, and bright 1.64 inch large AMOLED display, which makes this gadget more like a watch. There is also an HR sensor, SpO2 sensor, 60 different workout training exercises, and a great battery life of ten days. It is also very light (21g) and water-resistant up to 50 meters. The price is set at some 110 USD, which is a price that might be rather good for what you are getting.

Anyway, this kind of watch could be something that Nokia mobile might go with, and I sincerely hope that this design and specs approach is used. If there would be a Nokia fitness watch in a plan, the Nokia brand would benefit a lot from it. The question is whether Nokia Mobile could be able to develop decent software and app for it, or some Huami device would be used…

Nokia mobile is evidently aware that accessories does help boost the brand, since they did invest in nice earphones, chargers and speaker. What do you guys think of it? Would you like to see a Nokia watch similar to Huawei Watch Fit, and would you like to read a quick review here on a blog?

P.S. If you are wondering where the hell is Nokia 8.3 5G review unit, I’m happy to say that it is in Split, Croatia, but the post van had an accident close to my home, and the delivery was delayed once again, haha.