The head of global portfolio Pranav Shroff is leaving Nokia Mobile

Pranav Shroff, the Head of Global Portfolio at Nokia Mobile, announced over Twitter that he would be leaving HMD Global and thus Nokia Mobile soon. Pranav has been with HMD Global from its early beginnings or over four years now, where he was shaping the global portfolio of the Nokia brand. While some Nokia devices were excellent and praised by many, some were not conceptualized well, which could be a burden for Pranav that made him leave the company and the brand. The Plus series, except Nokia 7 Plus, might have been a mistake, but the devaluation of the Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 series is a more important problem, at least from my point of view.

Anyway, the one that works is allowed to make mistakes since that is a human thing to do. The mistakes we do are probably needed to make us better with time. Nokia phones should also be better with time, and that is also the motto of Nokia Mobile. I hope that things are changing for the better for the sake of the Nokia brand.

Pranav Shroff was an important part of the Nokia smartphone brand puzzle, we thank him for that and wish all the best in future quests.