Live Q&A with Nokia Mobile Director of Experience on Community Forum (8th Nov)

Nokia Mobile recently started engaging with Community Forum members on a higher level. First, asking about feedback what can be improved and then improving things based on that feedback, primarily offering Q&A sessions with HMD engineers and designers.

Earlier last month we had a Q&A with Miika Mahonen, principal designer behind the Nokia 7.2 and 6.2, on Community Forums, and now Nokia Mobile is organizing a Q&A session with the Senior Director of Experience for Nokia phones, Wesley Lee.

Mr. Lee “oversees key innovation areas including camera technologies, PureDisplay, and the overall Nokia smartphone experience,” as is stated in the Community thread where members can leave questions for him. You can post questions on the thread my November the 4th and Mr. Lee will try to answer them on November the 8th. In the meantime, users will be able to up vote the best questions for better exposure.

Senior director of experience is a role that covers many areas, from technology used in the phones to user experience regarding software and beyond, so a lot of questions will be relevant for Mr. Lee, but the mods at Community Forum will still remove offtopic posts from the thread.

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