New Gcam port available for Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia Mobile might have some good camera hardware for its best smartphones and big photography brand attached to the camera module, but then the one thing that could make everything better is the good Nokia Camera app or the algorithms that this app is using for creating computational photography. The Nokia Camera app comes with some of the latest models like the Nokia 8.3 5G or Nokia XR20 is producing good quality shots, but when you install the Google Camera app on your Nokia phone, the imaging quality improves drastically. You can easily spot the difference in the photo quality between the Nokia Camera app and the Google camera app, so many Nokia owners are usually installing ported Gcam app on their phones.

I am not familiar with how Gcam is working on Nokia 9 Pureview, is it using all five camera sensors or just one (update: uses just one camera), but owners of the 9PV are happy with it. Dear friend Chetan Kale tipped that the latest Gcam app port for Nokia 9 PureView is available on GCam Hub for download. The latest version 8.3.252 was released on October 10th 2021, and it brings many improvements like Astro option and some fixes for the blurring effect. Here is the full changelog:

  • Added “ASTRO ON” (forced astrophotography limited only by the minimum shutter speed of this mode).
  • Added on/off “DNG compression” (photo in raw format).
  • Fixed a bug with “blurring” photos in poor lighting conditions.
  • Fixed bug with saving photos in bright light.
  • Fixed error in determining PD format.

If you do own a Nokia 9 PureView and are willing to try it, do come back with info on how it is working, and share a photo 🙂