Nokia 105 Dual-SIM available in Germany over Amazon

Nokia 105 Dual SIM is now listed on The device is available in blue color and will cost €22.63, which is currently 9% lower price than the recommended one. This is a nice price for a device that is shipped for free in Germany or Austria. But, to get free shipping, it has to be your first order over and that kind of spoils the price.

Anyway, Nokia 105 is a cool little device that could be ideal for hikers and climbers or bikers to store in a backpack and keep it as an auxiliary device for emergencies. It’s 800 mAh battery will last long on standby, but if you are bored you can play snake a bit. There is also a torchlight which can be convenient.

Here are the basic specs of Nokia 105 DS.

  • Dimensions: 119 x 49.2 x 14.4mm
  • Mass: 74.04g
  • Screen: 1.77”; QQVGA
  • Memory: 4MB
  • Battery: 800 mAh, removable
  • Connectivity: Single SIM/Dual SIM (mini-SIM), 2G
  • Extra: 3.5 mm port, Micro-USB, FM Radio
  • OS: Nokia Series 30+
  • Color: Blue, Black, Pink
  • Price: 24.90 €

If you are interested in it, you can preorder it over The shipping will start on September 6.


Thanks Nokiamob lover for the tip 😉