Rumors: Nokia Mobile ready to announce Nokia 110 and Nokia 2720?!

In the past few months, we saw numerous new Nokia TA numbers showing up on different government telecom agencies around the world. That is quite normal since we are expecting new phones like Nokia 5.2, 6.2 and even 7.2, but there are more model numbers than expected Nokia phones.

Till now we just saw a new Nokia 105 and Nokia 220 4G feature phones, but we are still waiting for the smartphones. The announcement of new smartphones is planned for August according to some sources but seems like we are still not done with new Nokia feature phones. Suomi Mobiili just got new info from the source close to Finnish HMD Global office saying that Nokia Mobile is planning to announce another two feature phones.

One is Nokia 110 which hides behind the TA-1192 model number, and the second one is the Nokia 2720 or TA-1175 which is going to be a part of the Nokia Original series like Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110 4G. If you don’t remember this model, Nokia 2720 was pretty cool back in 2009 since it was a clamshell phone with an internal and external display. This could turn out to be the first clamshell phone done by HMD Global. According to the same source, Nokia 110 should cost around €30, while Nokia 2720 will be priced at €100.

The source couldn’t verify when those two new phones will be announced. Late August or even Berlin IFA seem like a nice timeframe to do that. Together with these two new feature phones, we should be seeing Nokia 5.2, Nokia 6.2 and maybe even Nokia 7.2.

Are you looking forward to another iconic Nokia model? Did you expect anything else?

It is gonna be nice to see Nokia clamshell in the stores around the world.