Nokia coming back to the TV industry with Flipkart

Flipkart, India’s leading digital commerce entity, announced its collaboration with Nokia to bring Nokia smart TV in its stores across India. Nokia brand will once more come back on TV. The last time that happened was sometimes in the ’90s, and the Nokia TV brand was quite valued then. There isn’t much technical info about the Nokia smart TV in the official press release, but it seems Nokia will be connected once more with JBL. HARMANN, who is the owner of JBL, stated that Nokia Smart TV will feature a superior audio quality thanks to the JBL’s sound program. Some info started showing up about the pšossible dimensions of the first Nokia smart TV, and it seems that Nokia 55″ 4KUHD Smart TV could be the first model to show up.
Nokia’s Brand Partnerships department is responsible for this job, and the Vice President of this department, Mr. Vipul Mehrotra, announced the deal on behalf of Nokia.
This is an interesting business model, and I’m looking forward to seeing this smart TV. The price is still not known, as well as if Nokia TVs will be available outside of India.
Maybe the Nokia WiFi department can share some of its WiFi controlling software to enhance the TV. If will be nice to see Nokia TV next to the Nokia WiFi Beacon.

Source Flipkart / Via NokiaCamp /Tweet LoveNokia