#Nokia was granted patent for #OZO design (EUIPO)

Nokia Technologies was granted a design patent for the OZO VR camera from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Nokia’s first VR camera was designed by Axel Meyer and Alejandro Sanguinetti. For all the Nokia lovers that followed the company during the previous decade, the name Axel Meyer does ring a bell. He was the Head of the Design for Nokia NSeries device, responsible for the design of all NSeries phones.

Last year, Rajeev Suri confirmed a years old rumor that Nokia hid their core design team from Microsoft by sending them from Nokia Devices and Services to Nokia Technologies, right before the sales of the D&S division. Axel is one of the guys that were transferred to Technologies before the sales.

Nokia submitted a request for OZO design patent back in 2015, but it was granted and published last month. The whole design patent can be found here.