Nokia celebrates 25 years of presence in India

Nokia has been with us for over 150 years, maybe not always as a company we recognize today. It changed though times, and that constant change and adaptations to new challenges are what kept this Finnish telecom giant alive and kicking even today. India was always an important part of Nokia’s business since many manufacturing plants, R&D, and global delivery centers are located there. Nokia employs over 15000 people, and it is part of an Indian telecommunication network where every single call over a network relies on some piece of Nokia technology.

Nokia is not just passively present in India. Finns are active in the local community, helping children all around India have a better life. That is probably why folks in India are so connected to the brand. To celebrate its 25 years of presence in India, Nokia published a cool video that shows how deeply connected this company is with that large and important country.