More Nokia devices now support ARCore, but still no Nokia 9 PureView

More Nokia devices now support ARCore, one of our readers found out.

ARCore is Google’s own augmented reality platform – pretty much like Apple’s ARKit. An ARCore-certified handset means it has passed Google’s certification process, ensuring full AR compatibility. AR, or augmented reality is the feature that allows developers to present virtual objects in real space on the users camera viewport.

To certify a device, Google checks the smartphone’s camera, motion sensors, and design architecture to make sure it will work as expected. Google also only certifies a device that has powerful enough CPU to warrant good AR performance and effective real-time calculations.

Currently, only 9 Nokia devices passed Google’s ARCore certification. List ranges from midrange Nokia 6.1 to 2018 flagship Nokia 8 Sirocco. Interestingly, the list doesn’t include Nokia Mobile’s last year’s flagship, the Nokia 9 PureView.

Reading all the requirements, the Nokia 9 PureView seems to tick all the boxes. The smartphone has good enough camera (5 of them even), and Snapdragon 845, which while old, is known to work with quite well with ARCore. Compatibility-wise, Nokia 9 PureView is more than capable enough for ARCore.

Perhaps ARCore support will be added in future updates? We don’t know for sure. But that’s what happened with Nokia 8, and Nokia 8 Sirocco. So don’t get your hopes down yet, Nokia 9 PureView users.

You can read the full list here.

Thanks for the tip Oskar. 😉