Nokia Mobile is preparing Nokia Power Earbuds Lite BH-405

Nokia Mobile is getting ready to launch a Nokia Power Earbuds Lite according to the Bluetooth SIG issued certificate. These buds are probably the less expensive version of the Nokia Power Earbuds BH-605 (title image), which didn’t sell so well. The new Power Earbuds are marked as BH-405 and will be coming with Bluetooth 5.1 standard, which suggests a better connection with smartphones and less power consumption.

The new lite version of Nokia Powerbuds will be launched at Berlin IFA 2020 congress, which is still scheduled for September 3rd, according to their pages. Nokia Mobile didn’t disclose any announcement date, but in the few next days will probably know more about it. Many new phones are getting certified by the FCC or other government agencies, so the announcement date of new devices and gadgets isn’t so far away.

Big thanks to Venkatesh for the tip and screenshot

Source: BT SIG