Video: Nokia X7 has a supersensitive display

Nokia 8.1 (X7)

Nokia Lumia 920 was one of the best smartphones back in 2012. It brought many new features on the smartphone market, and next to the optical stabilisation and wireless charging, super sensitive touch input was the coolest one. That meant you could use your phone during winter without taking woven or leather gloves. Of course, this feature was cool in countries where winters are pretty cold. Folks living at the equator didn’t care much for it, but if they could find woven gloves, they would see how cool this feature is :).

Super sensitive touch displays should be a common thing today, but some smartphones still don’t have it. However, Nokia Mobile continued using this but didn’t brag a lot about it. Well, there is a catch. I know that new Nokia smartphone displays can work when your finger is covered with standard cloth, but when you put a woven glove on, the screen is not responding to the touch. Anyway, it is still very responsive when you put a protective silicone cover over it. A member of Baidu just posted on this Chinese network a video that demonstrates how sensitive a screen of Nokia X7 is. Nokia 8.1 should have a similar display sensitivity since those models are pretty much the same. Check out the video below.

I tested it on my Nokia 7 Plus and this works. I don’t know when or in what circumstances is someone going to use a silicon case this way, but this could be great for some tight waterproof silicone-based cases, for example. Still, I would like to see that super sensitive touch feature back on Nokia smartphones, so people living in higher latitudes could use them without taking the gloves off during winter.