#Nokia Mobile: More announcements coming at February 26th #MWC2017

When Nokia 6 was announced, almost everybody wrote, talked, tweeted and posted about it, except Nokia and Nokia’s phone related social media accounts. We need to say that Nokia Mobile at Facebook account is not directly related with Nokia since it is governed by HMD Mobile. But, today Nokia Mobile spoke and posted on Facebook that Nokia 6 was announced and that more is coming at February 26th.

We just saw that new variant of Nokia 6 has just passed the Bluetooth certification, what could mean we will see the global version of that device. Nokia Mobile at Facebook most likely now confirmed this assumption.


At MWC 2017 we can expect at least one or two more devices, mid-range Nokia E1 (probably not the true name), global version of Nokia 6, and maybe a top model Nokia P1. There is also a chance that we could even see a tablet with Nokia logo on it, since HMD promised to bring that kind of devices out to the market.

Anyway, great to hear from Nokia Mobile.