Affordable Nokia TA-1289 (225) and Nokia TA-1278 (215) certified by Indian BIS

After passing the certifications in China, and probably their variants at FCC, Nokia TA-1289, and TA-1278 showed up at Indian BIS. These LTE capable feature phones, which are most likely Nokia 225 and Nokia 215 according to previous leaks, will soon be available in India too. The announcement of these affordable LTE phones is expected on the online event that is happening on September 22nd. The BIS certificate didn’t reveal much, just made us sure that the phones will be selling in Nokia Mobile’s most important market.

Since India is covered well with 4G networks, these 4G enabled feature phones should be well accepted there. It will be funny to see if Nokia Mobile will make their battery last for days, or 4G connection will reduce that significantly.


Cheers Kavi for the tip and screenshot;)