Nokia 5.3 needs a good pricing like in Finland to become a best seller

Nokia 5.3, although it has some gimmicks, is a good mid-range smartphone. The only thing that keeps it from becoming a best seller in many markets is its price. Nokia mobile announced the phone with an average price of €189, but in reality, that price varies between €200 and €230. Here in Croatia, the price of the Nokia 5.3 (4/64GB) is set to €230, which is among the highest you can get, while in India, the price is much lower, and folks can grab it already from €160 (13999 INR).

But, some stores offered Nokia 5.3 at a rather attractive price, and the best example is the Finnish store Gigantti, which is offering Nokia 5.3 3/64 GB model for €149. I know that 4GB of RAM would be better, but somehow I think that you won’t be noticing the lack of an extra GB of RAM on Android One. Anyway, this is a nice offer, and since Nokia Mobile is trying to get back to its roots, special attention to its home market is welcomed.

If you are interested in Nokia 5.3 and what Gigantti  is offering, check here for ore info.