Nokia Lumia 1020 design legacy continues to live with the new Xbox Series S

Nokia products were always praised for its design. They still are, looking at the newest Nokia network gear and the Nokia smartphones also have one of the highest visual appeal on the smartphone market. Arguably the golden age of Nokia design was the Lumia era when Nokia established their Fabula design language. The principles of Fabula continue to live on and every now and then a new product appears on the markets that reminds us on a past Nokia phone.


The recent one is the newly announced Xbox Series S. As WindowsCentral pointed out on Twitter, Microsoft’s new gaming console has similarities with the looks of the iconic Lumia 1020. The white body and black ring easily catch attention, so Xbox designers probably knew what they were doing. Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division back in 2013, together with a part of the design team. Some designers and engineers were transferred to Nokia Technologies before the acquisition was completed, which allegedly made Microsoft angry back then.

The new Series S with a starting price of 299 USD looks like an interesting gaming console which launch date is set on November 10th. You can learn more about Microsoft’s new gaming offering at their official website here.