Two new Nokia Mobile design patents filed at EUIPO this month

The European Union Intellectual Property Office has received requests to protect four different design patents submitted by Nokia Mobile. The new design patents were filed this month – one on the 21st of August and one on the 26th of August.

The one filed on the 21st has the design number 008134951-0001/0002/0003, while the one filed on 26th got 008148779-0001 as the design number. That’s all we can see in the EUIPO database right now. The designs submitted before these ones, are from May 2020 and still aren’t registered and published so we can’t see the actual design, but it is safe to assume that the two from May are Nokia 125 and 150. Before that, we can see registered and published design patents of Nokia 8.3 5G and rest of the crew that was announced in Nokia Mobile’s virtual event in March.

Nokia 8.3 patent and the two from May 2020

Recently we saw rumors about three 4G Nokia feature phones being ready to announcement in the close future, so the design patents might belong to some of them. There is also a rumor floating around about the Nokia 7.3, so maybe Nokia Mobile is trying protect the design of the unannounced 7.3? In any case, we will have to wait and see.

via: EUIPO