Sam Chin from FIH left the Board of HMD Global

FIH used to be pretty much involved in the story of bringing the Nokia brand back to life, but FIH now has other plans. The recent announcement of the second big comeback of BlackBerry (BB) to the smartphone business revealed that FIH has a clear plan of reviving another big brand, which is obviously a lucrative business plan. After they raise the brand to a level where it can continue the operate by itself, FIH becomes just a stakeholder and continues searching for another opportunity. If everything goes well with BB, maybe the next big comeback is Alcatel that is owned again by Nokia.

The announced return of BB to the smartphone, thanks to the mobile security company OnwardMobility and FIH, resulted in the removal of Sam Chin from the Board of HMD Global. The number of seats in the Board also changed, and now there are just four seats for Florian Seiche, Jean-Francois Baril, Ivan Yeh, and Nokia’s Barry French.
FIH is still cooperating with HMD Global since many of Nokia’s phones are manufactured in FIH’s plants acquired from Nokia and Microsoft. So, FIH is still a valuable partner to HMD Global, but their paths are slowly separating, which is probably good for both FIH and Nokia Mobile.

Thanks Username54 for the heads-up.


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