Does the world need a new Nokia 3310?

Back in 2017, with the return of Nokia brand to the smartphone market, Nokia Mobile also brought back the one and only Nokia 3310. It is a sleeker but still recognizable feature phone that brought back the legend and added some new features to it. Besides the Snake game, Nokia 3310 got us a VGA camera, a bit more complex Nokia S30+ software, and refreshed thinner body. Some expected a bit more versatile phone, maybe even a 4G version of it, and some even wondered is it time for a new version?
Concept Creator did a nice video where he showed us his vision of Nokia 3310. Instead of doing a classic render video, he did the whole production process from the idea to the realization of a complete render which will take you some 8 minutes. If you like concepts, think about new features in a phone, and doodle new designs, do check out the video.

The real question is how smart should a feature phone be or become? What do we need of a feature phone, long-lasting battery, and good quality calls or a bit more… Do share your ideas below.

I know that Nokia Mobile needs to play more with color options. It would be nice to get some color back in these gray times we are living now.