Video: Nokia demonstrating its wireless but connected Oulu factory

Nokia released a new video on its official Youtube channel, demonstrating all the capabilities of its wireless connected manufacturing plant in the Finnish city of Oulu. This manufacturing plant is the place where Nokia is making its latest radio equipment, and where Nokia is testing its software and solutions for the connected factories.

In the video, you can see devices of assembly lines working separately connected over a 4.9 LTE network that can be upgraded to 5G with software updates. It is quite interesting to see that the assembly line can be easily changed and built in a matter of days. Nokia is using that assembly to test it and ship it around the world where it is needed or sold.

I recommend watching the video since it is quite interesting to see how far Nokia came with automated and connected manufacturing plants that are run on Nokia’s Digital Automated Cloud.

I would also like to know what 360 camera product is this 🙂