Nokia branded laptops available now in France

Nokia branded laptops popped up in France. Not all versions are available, but the essential ones are there. Nokia Purebook Pro 15.5 and 17.3 can be ordered from Carrefour for 699€ and 799€ respectively. The smaller Nokia Purebook Lite is also there and you can order it for 499€.

The price might sound a bit high, especially if you compare it with some Acer or Asus laptops, but Nokia branded Pro versions are coming with the latest Intel i3 processor which is quite capable, 512 SSD and Windows 11 installed. Now, when you take all of that into account, the hard competition like HP or Dell is offering pricier laptops but with last year’s processors which are not as good as the latest i3.

However, HP, Dell and Acer are long-time players with great support and availability of spare parts, so it is yet to see how well will OffGlobal compete with them.

Cheers to johala02 for the tip!