Official: Data from Nokia smartphones to be stored in Finland, Europe

The maker of Nokia phones HMD Global today officially announced that company will be moving the data collected from Nokia phones to servers in Europe, more precisely Finland. HMD Global, as any other smartphone company, stores user data for telemetry and activation data. You can request and delete all your data HMD stored here.

In a press release, HMD announced that they partnered with consultancy firm CGI and Google Cloud to “fully leverage data analytics to benefit Nokia phone fans around the world.” The first smartphones that will be sending data to Finland instead of Singapore will be the Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 2.2. Data for rest of the lineup will be transferred after Android Q update this year and in 2020.

“Google Cloud and CGI were natural choices to be our strategic cloud partners thanks to our pre-existing close collaborations with them, which ensures that we’re implementing our leading data security and analytics technology at a global level. We want to remain open and transparent about how we collect and store device activation data and want to ensure people understand why and how it improves their phone experience. This change aims to further reinforce our promise to our fans for a pure, secure and up to date Android, with an emphasis on security and privacy through our data servers in Finland”, says Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer, HMD Global

HMD Global had a mini scandal earlier this year when some Nokia 7 plus units from Norway were caught sending data to Chinese servers. The issue was fixed before it was made public and no user data has been compromised. After that HMD explained in more detail the info they collect and where it is stored.

With the recent US-China trade war and the EU looking into regulation to protect its economy from the trade war fallout, HMD Global moving servers to Finland is an excellent thing. That way the company is even further away from getting into the trade war crossfire, and can use this fact to further promote Nokia Devices. Hopefully more exciting Nokia phones, like the rumored 6.2, will be announced soon.

Source: HMD Global