#HMD using old #Nokia partner as a display supplier

Times are right for some juicy details regarding new Nokia smartphones to leak out, and that has been happening for the past week, or so. Latest news come from China again, and the source told that HMD will reveal at least four (4) new smartphones next year. We saw some photos of alleged Nokia E1, low price model, and Nokia D1(C) a mid range model that could be unveiled at MWC2017. There has not been any photo of the Nokia P1 or the top Nokia model which should house the graphene based sensor of the camera and other new technologies that Nokia developed. Maybe the top model will came a bit after the MWC, who knows.

But the information about the screen suppliers came took my attention since there are names we already have heard of. One of the suppliers is going to be LG (probably for top class phones), and another Innolux, a Taiwanese company that has been the main supplier of the screens for Nokia, since the days of the Lumia 920. When Nokia was in a dispute back in 2013 with Samsung regarding the stealing of the foldable screen technology, Innolux become the largest supplier of the LCD screens for Lumia line-up. That great screen of the NOkia LUmia 920 came from Innolux.

Source also mentioned the California based company, Century Technology INC., Shenzen based company Century Technology (CTC) which will be supplying the LCD displays probably for the new Nokia tablets (and smartphones).

The main role of the FIH (Foxconn) will be just the assembly of the components and maybe shipment to the destination (hopefully not Ozzy Man’s fucked).

This is quite interesting insight since a lot of people are referring to the new Nokia smartphones as a generic, but we see that it won’t be just one more smartphone model out of the sea of those developed in China. All this info that is leaking out as an old ship, is definite confirmation that we will see new Nokia phones in few weeks (maybe 8).

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