Nokia 4G feature phone TA-1258 with Android spotted at TENAA?! *UPDATE*

Nokia Mobile might be preparing to soon release new devices, according to the info we can find on some regulatory websites and on other sources on the web. We previously saw on FCC and Geekbench Nokia devices like TA-1275/1275 and Nokia Wolverine appearing with some specs, and indication of a soon announcement.

Nokia TA-1258 is one of the supposed feature phones that Nokia Mobile might announce and it supports 4G. Last month that device passed the Chinese CCC certification agency, with 4G support and a charger which outputs indicates that the device is a feature phone.

The same phone appeared at TENAA, another Chinese agency, where we can usually see pictures and specs of the phone. This time, the dedicated “specs” page throws an error, while the usual page with pictures doesn’t show any. Usually, a few days need to pass until the pictures appear, while the specification page was always available the moment the device was in the database. I guess TENAA changed something there to prevent leaking.

The information that was revealed by TENAA is that the phone runs Android OS. Folks at LoveNokia speculate that this might be the rumored Android feature phone Nokia 400, but that phone has been in the rumor pipeline for almost a year, so I’m inclined believing that this is an underpowered Android smartphone, but out of curiosity, I would like to see an Android feature phone and how Google adjusted the smartphone OS to the feature phone form factor.

What do you think?


Update: 20.7.2020.

Specifications of TA-1258 have been revealed confirming that this is an Android smartphone, not a feature phone.