New Jolla Sailfish forum welcomes sailors

Jolla’s mission of building an independent mobile operating system continues with a new forum where devs and users can communicate all about Sailfish OS. Things weren’t and still are not that bright for Sailfish OS if we look at some mainstream adoption, but the company is still here and regularly releasing new updates for the OS that is becoming the choice for governments and individuals that want to move from Android or iOS.

For Sailfish OS feedback and support, Jolla built a dedicated website called that was the central place for announcements and getting your questions about Sailfish answered. The websites format couldn’t support Jolla’s need, so they are phasing it out in favor of the new forum at

The forum looks really clean and has some initial categories set up to get the discussions going. The TJC website will remain and active for ongoing discussions, but the conversation will be migrated towards the new forum.

It is great to see Jolla investing in the community, but it would be even better to have more devices with Sailfish available so the community can get bigger and bigger. One step at a time, I guess. 🙂

Source: Jolla