Nokia 5.3 for the Indian market will be made in India

The communism, the virus, the cheap smartphones, all of those things that people don’t understand but do hate are coming from China, and it is perfectly reasonable to see people raging over Chinese products. If you pay your attention closely, you will notice that probably nothing from the mentioned things are originating from China. Anyway, the USA started the trend, and the world followed shortly after, so the manufacturers are trying to find another way to make their products less Chinese, that the end consumer wouldn’t be troubled.
The same approach is using Nokia Mobile, which is now moving its production out of China and making it permanent for some phones in India. It is a completely logical move since Nokia Mobile is distancing itself a bit more from the FIH, and slowly turning to its roots. The just started a new campaign on social networks, saying that Nokia 5.3 is designed in Finland and manufactured in India.

They used a similar tweet to bring more focus on the two major Android updates and many more security patches that are coming to the smartphone designed in Finland and manufactured in India.

Since India is a major, and probably the most important market of Nokia phones, this is a good marketing move, and also a good move from a perspective of logistics. I remember that the best Nokia phones were made in Salo, Finland, and al the rest was coming from different manufacturing plants around the world. Here in Europe, we would usually get Nokia phones made in Hungary, Germany, or Romania, which were closest to the countries we live in. We probably won’t be seeing that big manufacturing diversity soon, but for India, which is a huge market, to have phones manufactured there is a good thing since many folks there will appreciate the work of their people put in Nokia phones.

Cheers SirFaceFone for the tip 😉