Nokia N900 is a powerful computer even today

The Nokia N900 is still a powerful computer today. here’s a kick from Nokia’s glorious past. I just watched the video about the taming of the Nokia N900, published by a recently discovered youtube channel Janus Cycle, which deals with older technology and discovers its new features in a nice and educational way.

The Nokia N900 was launched by Nokia in 2009 and was intended for tech-savvy smartphone users, not just regular folks. It was designed to run Nokia’s new smartphone OS Maemo, which later gave rise to MeeGo and Sailfish from Jolla.

It was powered by TI OMAP 3430 with 600 MHz Cortex-A8 and PowerVR SGX530 GPU. The phone was popular in the community and sold better than Nokia expected. The community is still very active and productive today, and it is quite hard to find an affordable Nokia N900.

Nokia N900's maemo 5 is magical
Nokia N900’s maemo 5 is magical

The phone had a resistive display that was easier to use with a stylus that Nokia integrated into the phone, and it had a full Qwerty keyboard. The design was not particularly appealing, but the phone was cool.

Janus said the Nokia N900 was one of Nokia’s most unique smartphones. It was the only phone to run the Maemo operating system, an open-source system based on Debian Linux OS.

The video shows you how to flash the device, some iconic games like 3D Bounce and shows you some interesting things about the device’s hardware. Have fun!


Our Abdulla also did a nice video from his Nostalgia series so you can check it in case you missed it.

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