Nokia Siemens Networks used smartphone design for its 4G LTE Mobile portable router

If you want to share a 4G connection nowadays, most people would use a mobile phone now. But, just a few years ago, mobile phones were not so popular for hotspot sharing over WiFi, but rather a 4G/LTE WiFi Hotspots were used. Back in 2012, Nokia Siemens Networks or NSN to many announced its HotSpot device that resembled a bit to a Nokia E7, which was announced in 2010.

HotSpot device that you can see in the pictures has a curved body design, black front surface for probably a smaller LCD, and a micro USB port at aside. The full name of the device was Nokia Siemens MHR-LTE 7512 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, which wasn’t so popular like Nokia’s smartphones back in the days. But, the popular name wasn’t the main goal of the device since its purpose was to be a 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot which could share internet over WiFi to up to 10 users.

This device wasn’t cheap with its price of USD 399, but back in 2012, it was probably the best-designed 4G WiFi hotspot.
I never used portable 4G routers, but the manufacturers of the similar things found in stores today could learn how to design a router. Maybe the designers of PS5 could visit Nokia HQ also :).

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Cheers to Nokia Anew for this blast from the past!