Nokia partners with Broadcom to expand Reefshark portfolio

In 2016, Nokia developed the Nokia Reefshark, a next-generation infrastructure processor for powering the 5G networks of the future. It aims to replace the discrete component of every base station and antennas into more compact hardware that packs even more functionality and performance. The advantage of this new chip is in the reduction of the size of network equipment, but also the operational cost cut and power consumption of every network base station in the world. 

Basically, Reefshark is integrating discrete components into a single nanometer-size chipset. The smaller the components, the less power it draws and the maintenance it needed.

Nokia started developing ReefShark processors with Intel, but Intel wasn’t the most ideal partner for that job, so Nokia was found in trouble after its chips weren’t positioned well in the market. With heavy R&D investments in this field, Nokia caught on its rivals and it is now ready to push forward. To expand its current portfolio, Nokia announced a partnership with California-based Broadcom to develop more Reefshark SoC solutions. This partnership will allow the company to give its customers a wide range of choices for the 5G upgrade.

“We are excited to partner with Nokia to develop and deploy highly integrated custom silicon solutions for 5G infrastructure,” said Frank Ostojic, SVP and General Manager of the ASIC Products Division at Broadcom. Nokia and Broadcom’s collaboration accelerates silicon innovation and enables operators and end-users to realize the unprecedented benefits of 5G. The deployment of Nokia Reefshark will benefit network operators from the “reduction of size and power consumption”, while also boosting the performance, capacity, and efficiency of their future operations with a lower total cost of ownership.”

However, Broadcom is not the only partner it has. Earlier this year, Nokia also formed a new deal with Intel and California-based Marvell to develop a wide-range of Reefshark products for the expansion of its portfolio. With Broadcom, Nokia rounded up all the important chip manufacturers that will power its 5G networking solutions and make it advantageous in the market.

Nokia Press