Nokia is ready to replace Huawei in the UK with its 5G solutions

Even though some UK politicians were saying that Huawei will be able to continue selling its equipment in that market, the whole situation changed after the USA banned TSMS to deliver chips to the Chinese networking manufacturer. This opened a question of whether Huawei will be able to deliver equipment with the proven components, which lead to the announcement of banning Huawei from building Britain’s 5G network. Not only Britain’s operators won’t be able to use Huawei’s equipment, but they will also need to remove it completely by the year 2027.

While this decision is not so good for Huawei and will slow down Britain’s transition to 5G with the elevation of some additional costs, Nokia and Ericsson could eventually profit from this situation.
The head of Nokia Britain said just recently that Nokia is ready to replace Huawei’s equipment in the UK. According to Cormac Whelan, Nokia has the capacity and expertise to replace all of the Huawei equipment in the UK’s networks at scale and speed. They are also ready to support the UK government’s plan of changing the equipment of Huawei and bringing 5G networks to its citizens with minimal impact.
It will be interesting to see how the transition will go, who will get the job of removing the equipment and installing a new one, and how will those extra costs be compensated.


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