No OS customisation for Nokia smartphones, Android One the right way?

When you remember the old Nokia phones, there were smartphones powered by Symbian and MeeGo, crosslink powered by S40, and low-end feature phones which run the immortal S30 software. So, the old Nokia was a true phone manufacturer with phones for every of its operating software products. All of those were in-house OS products, but you could choose the software and try a Nokia device on any of those. One thing I disliked when Nokia abandoned Symbian was the strict commitment to just one OS. It would be the same as BMW would produce cars with just one engine, or if Ikea would design furniture but in just one color.

Nokia as a brand got a fresh start with Nokia Mobile, but the commitment to OS is the same. Juho Sarvikas repeated once again that Nokia Mobile is faithful to the Android One, which proved to be OK, easy to update, probably much cheaper for the OEM, but also a bit boring. I must say that I really don’t care about the OS, but I do understand enthusiasts that would like to experience the Symbian days where you could tweak every little bit of the OS, design, and change whatever you wanted.
I don’t mind Android One, I didn’t mind Windows Phone, but I would like to see current Nokia phones be able to run multiple types of OS, Android, AndroidOne, Sailfish or even something else. It would be great to have a Nokia phone that could run Sailfish or tweaked Android, a phone like a new version of Nokia 7.1 Plus (yeas, I mean Nokia 8.1). Untill that happen, we are stuck with Pure, Secure and Up to date, which isn’t that bad.


Cheers MichaelsoftSirFaceFone for a reminder 😉