BT SIG certification reveals BT 3.0 in Nokia 150

Nokia TA-1235, or better known as recently announced Nokia 150, got certified by BT SIG.

It might sound strange to some that Nokia 150 even has Bluetooth, but there is a VGA camera and photos can be shared over SLAM. Since this is affordable feature phone, Nokia 150 is coming with a long time no seen BT 3.0. Since the official Data Sheet is not mentioning the BT, and the user guide is not available yet, the BT connection could also be used for sharing contacts and other files too.

BT SIG certificate confirmed that Nokia 150 is using MediaTek processor with BT chip, which was listed back in 2014 when 3.0 was a standard. But, this is going to work well for affordable 150, where BT connection will improve its usability.

Check the BT SIG document here.


Edit: I mistaken Nokia TA-1235 for Nokia TA-1253, or Nokia 150 for Nokia 125. Sorry abou that. The post was edited accordingly.