Patents granted for Nokia 2720 Flip, 800 Tough and Nokia 6.2/7.2

European Union Intellectual Property Office granted HMD Global design patents for the device recently announced at IFA2019. The devices in question are basically all of them – Nokia 6.2, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 800 Tough, Nokia 2720 Flip and the Nokia 110.

The Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 share the same design, so I’m not sure exactly which device’s design got approved under the design number 006604583-0001. The request for protection was submitted on 28th June and approved and fully published 20th September. The designer of the device is Miika Mahonen, who is holding a Q&A on the Community Forum on 10th October.

The feature phones Nokia 2720 Flip and Nokia 800 Tough are registered under the design numbers 006471611-0001 and 006631073-0001. The 2720 Flip’s design was submitted on 16th May and approved and fully published on 25th September. The 800 Tough’s design patent was submitted on 16th July and fully published on 3rd October. Miika Mahonen is mentioned as the designer of these devices, as well.

The Nokia 110 is registered under the design number 006633079-0001. It was submitted on 17th July and approved and fully published on 8th August. The designers are Nokia Mobile design veterans Raun Forsyth and Jonathon Lister.

You can check HMD Global’s EUIPO profile here.