Nokia 8.1 should get Android 10 by the end of this month – rumor

Google officially launched Android 10 two days ago, that became officially available for download for Pixel phones and Essential PH1 owners. Nokia Mobile recently announced the roadmap of Android 10 update for 18 Nokia devices, while today a trusted source revealed more info about the possible Android 10 release for the Nokia 8.1.

Nokia 8.1 has been the only Nokia smartphone taking part in testing of Android 10 and is expected to receive the Android 10 update during the fourth quarter of 2019, together with the Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 9 PureView.


Nokia Anew shared via Twitter that Android 10 might land on Nokia 8.1 by the end of this month. We might find out more about the Android 10 release for the Nokia 8.1 on today’s Nokia Mobile IFA event. You can find the start time and livestream links here.

It makes sense that the 8.1 is first to get official Android 10, considering the device was used in the developer preview program for Android 10, back then known as Android Q. Hopefully the flagship Nokia 9 PureView will follow soon after.