While waiting for Nokia 9.3, let us reminisce of Nokia N9

While we are waiting for a new Nokia 9, or Nokia 9.3 according to some sources, it is always good to go back a little and check how things were done before. While checking the Reddit, I stumbled upon a video posted by a Redditor who is a man of Nokia culture. He posted a video of one and only Marko Ahtisaari explaining the design of the Nokia N9.

That phone change the way phones are designed, and manufacturers today are still trying to find that magic formula Nokia used to create such a great device. To me is one of the best designs Nokia did, and that phone was used as a jumping base for Nokia’s Windows Phone trip.

Check out the video below.

I like the way Marko Ahtisaari used to talk about the creations done by his design team. He was able to breathe in the emotion in the design and device. I remember how he was describing Nokia Lumia 620 like it was the most expensive device in the smartphone market. Any you would feel like you are owning the best phone out there when you feel the energy and passion build it the device.

Anyway, I hope there is still some of Ahtisaari in the design team of Nokia Mobile, and that they can design the phone just as good as Nokia N9 was. Hopefully, one day we’ll see a modern representation of what Marko Ahtisaari was thinking on when he described Nokia N9 as a display focused device. I can see a place for a bezel-less Nokia N9 at the market.