Nokia 125 specifications and photos revealed by TENAA

Chinese telecommunication agency TENAA released photos of Nokia TA-1253 or a new super affordable Nokia 125 feature phone. This is going to be a classic feature phone with 1020 mAh battery, dual GSM bands (900 and 1800 MHz), 90 grams of mass, LED flash at the back, and headphone jack. According to TENAA documents, Nokia 125 will be available in black and gray colors. The price of this device in Europe will be around 35€, which might sound expensive, but this device will offer you reliability and long battery life.

Here are the released hardware specs:
Name: Nokia 125 (TA-1253)
Dimensions: 132×50.5×15 mm
Mass: 90.54 g
processor: 0.26 GHz
Memory: 4 MB/ 16 MB
Battery: 1020 mAh
Connectivity: GS; 900 MHz, 1800 MHz
Extra: 3.5 mm jack, LED torch
Color: Black, Grey

The design of the device is a bit surprise to me since Nokia Mobile choose the classic square approach rather than the more rounded Nokia 220 shape. Well, it dies resemble to the older Nokia feature phones that some might like. Anyway, Nokia 125 should be announced soon, but it is yet to see when exactly. This kind of device, if priced reasonably, could help boost the sales of Nokia feature phones that are still bringing profit to the Nokia Mobile.