Juan Bagnell explains the importance of Nokia 9 Pureview depth mapping

Juan Bagnell did an interesting video where he talked a bit about one of the advantages Nokia 9 Pureview has when compared to other top-notch smartphones of today. Those 5 cameras are definitely going to give much sharper photos to the user, but Nokia (mobile) aims to improve one currently very popular feature on a smartphone, a background blur. While Google Pixel 3 is doing background blur thanks to very advanced and polished algorithms, Nokia (mobile) wants to add there a depth mapping for a much more natural look of the background blur. Juan showed some examples of what he was talking about, and we can clearly see that Nokia 9’s background blur algorithm is far from perfect and it needs more work. Well, take a look at his video and tell what do you think of it?

(Rant alert) Something even more interesting about this video is that it is being recorded with Nokia 9 Pureview’s front-facing camera. Ah, all those 20 MP can’t make the fixed focus video look better, not even Juan’s effort while editing the video. He mentioned he did the editing on the Nokia 9 and if you know what app he used, be kind to share.

I know that front-facing cameras don’t essentially need to have the ability to automatically focus objects, but man that would be a cool option in one of the best cameraphones of today. Huawei Mate 2o Pro doesn’t have it, Samsung Galaxy 10 probably too (except 10+), but can Nokia be different there also?