Vertu factory in the UK demolished to make space for supermarket

Vertu was Nokia’s extreme luxury brand of smartphones that was founded back in 1998. With the demise of Nokia’s Devices and Services unit, Vertu was also sold to a new owner. EQT bought 90% of the company, and Nokia kept 10%. But the worries of this brand weren’t over and the British company changed its owner numerous times, while Nokia sold its last share in the company along the way. The latest owner of the brand is Chinese TCL that also owns the license for Blackberry and another Nokia’s brand, Alcatel. TCL tried to revive the brand by launching new Vertu Constellation back in October 2018, but till now the brand was pretty much quiet.

Vertu did announce that it is still with us and that they are planning to announce a new generation of phones in 2020, but louder than this was news about their manufacturing site and offices in the UK being demolished.


The factory was located in Church Crookham, and its place is going to take a supermarket. It is sad to see this place go since many luxurious devices were handmade there. Vertu was something special in the world of smartphones because those devices really stud up among the rest by its build and quality of materials used.

If you hear about Vertu phones, than you are a true Nokia fan, and old.


Cheers to Ben Wood for sharing this on Twitter.