Nokia 8 Sirocco now receiving Android 10 in wave 2 markets

Nokia 8 Sirocco is now receiving the Android 10 update in wave 2 markets. Update for the wave 1 markets was completely rolled out on April 20. Wave 2 includes all the markets which did not get the approval in wave 1, except the UK, where Nokia Mobile still has not received the approval. The UK users need not worry, because the update will be rolled out for them, as soon as Nokia Mobile receives the approval there.

Nokia 8 Sirocco wave 2:

– 10% of the wave 2 markets will receive it on April 28, 50% by May 1 and 100% by May 3.

– Pending markets (after wave 2):

  • UK

Nokia Mobile can release the updates only if they get the approvals. For more information, Nokia Mobile has also answered the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the update process, describing the approved markets and waves in which the devices receive the update.

Do check for the update and tell us in the comments section below! 😉